London Preppy

The wait is almost over! The mystery that is London Preppy shall soon be revealed to yours truly. He's coming to town for some other clearly less important reason, and he promises to hang out with me. And if he doesn't, I'll be devastated!! Is he really the son of a Greek tycoon? Is he actually into Bret Easton Ellis? Does he even really like Suede or Morrisey!? Does he wear the red bar over his eyes out in public!? Will he take his shirt off at the WeHo clubs while texting people and make everybody insecure?! Are those tattoos just the peel off kind!?!? I just can't WAIT to find out!

In other news, I'm hosting an Academy Award viewing party. Unless, of course, I get invited to the Vanity Fair party up the street, in which case everybody else can suck it and I'm going to hang out with Meryl.

Does anybody have any good suggestions for how to make the party good? I have a big screen TV in my den, but I also have this big-ass blank wall in my living room that is like 18 feet tall and 14 feet wide, and I kinda wanna project an appropriately big-ass screen onto it. I think that would be cool. What about party games? Or appropriate food? Does anybody have any good formats for a competition to guess the winners? Maybe I should rent one of those movie theater popcorn machines...

Anyway, send your ideas my way!