Thanks for all your well-wishes. I had a rather productive week in regard to the boy, meaning that it got a bit easier. Maybe writing that post was cathartic and allowed a bit of a breakthrough. Often, when I expose them to the light, I'm able to see that the antics of my mind are a bit ridiculous.

I haven't initiated contact with him at all in the last 3 days (except a couple emailed links of things I found funny or interesting), and he hasn't really tried to talk to me either. Being able to not contact him is not unusual, nor is it any great feat. He's usually the one who initiates contact anyway. The breakthrough is that I didn't really miss the interactions for the first two days, and I didn't really concern myself with the question of whether he was thinking about me and missing me. Normally I get antsy/jealous/sad if he doesn't call for 24 hours. Today has been harder; I'm a bit depressed. After all, I'm still in love. But two days is progress!

I think I just need to find something else to focus on. NOT other boys. I need to pursue a hobby, or workout, or something.

I did go on a date this week, which was great. Amazing conversation. I'm just not physically attracted. Story of my life.

Thank god it's Friday!